I’m a person like anyone else in this world. I breathe, eat, and sleep. Work more than I should (but who doesn’t). For those who wish to know more here are the highlights:

I’ve been a gamer (role playing variety) for over 30 years (that makes me old too). Started playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was only 9 years old. Collected the stuff and played the games. Apparently I survived and didn’t turn into a demonic creature. Through the years I’ve been lucky enough to game with some wonderful people. I’ve travelled up and down the Eastern half of the US to a ton of conventions.

During my gaming life I’ve found that I can not only play but I can Dungeon Master/Game Master (whatever you want to call it). I rolled with the best of them and enjoyed every minute. There have been so many amazing memories that were made.

Wish I could say I was one of those people who knew that they wanted to write when they got older. Wish I could say I’ve been writing since I was little. Nope, not in my house. Eventually, it just all came together (the stars lined up, the world stopped spinning, and I got a harebrained idea to write). I found my passion once I started putting words to paper.

I’ve started, I’ve stopped, and I’ve started back up again. When I started this endeavor back in 2004 (crap it really has been that long ago) the e-book market was a joke. No one did e-books that expected them to actually make money. There was no Kindle. Things happened I book shelved my work. Then in 2013 I found myself picking up the pieces and going for bust.

I’ve been blessed with three children. Thankfully, two are grown up and mostly living on their own. Did I mention I've got three dogs too? Jolene, Roxane, and Jagger.

What you see now is the culmination of the years of work I’ve put into this. The hours of gaming I DM’ed. Hope you love it as much as I loved writing it.